Ann Browne | 23 June 2019 – For Adelaide

I saw in the spirit wells around Adelaide that were low and there were large rocks in them. The water in them was muddy and sparse. As I looked the water appeared to be wine – I sensed it represented the blood of the Lamb in the communion of believers. Then a dome of glory covered the city and the wells started to spring up – one here and one there. I saw children running to the one gushing forth and then another because as they ran to one it died back, and another gushed forth, so they ran to get into that fountain and another rose up because that one had died down.

Then the Lord had a magnificent heavenly host come and warfare removing the darkness that kept stopping up the wells – fountains flowed as Living Water overflowed like gushers!! Everywhere was light, glory and a flood from so many fountains overflowing!

I was given:
Isaiah 12:3 “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”
Isaiah 44:4 “They will spring up among the grass like willows by the watercourses.”
Numbers 21:16-18 From there they went to Beer, which is the well where the LORD said to Moses, “Gather the people together, and I will give them water.” Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well! All of you sing to it – The well the leaders sank, Dug by the nation’s nobles, By the lawgiver, with their staves.”

Ann Browne | 6 July 2019 – For Australia

I saw streams flowing throughout the land – they were full to the brim, clear and health – they represented Christians in their separate denominational streams and their own preferred ways of doing things, but crystal clear and flowing nicely. Then the Lord said “I’m about to break the banks and let the water flood the land so they are one”. I saw the land covered in water – no dry land remained!

It is His intention we have seamless oneness.

I heard “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14