Ps Cathryn Crosby-Wright | 25 June 2019

This is the time of the Lord – He says in His word Psalm 110:3 “His people will be volunteers in the day of His Power”.

Today, this prophetic word is being fulfilled.

There is an arising of a one man company clothed with indignation and righteousness, lovers of truth and justice, proclaiming the power of God unto salvation and the coming of His Kingdom in Righteousness.

Look and see nations are being birthed, being born in a day – for the Sovereign Lord has declared that this is a Day like no other.

The wind of the spirit is moving quickly, powerfully over the nations, separating the wheat from the chaff, the righteous from the unrighteous, and the sheep nations from the goat nations, getting ready for the coming of the Lord.

A people endured with power from on high has arisen – they are the reformers, restorers and rebuilders of cities. They are nation builders and city takers.

God has the attention of the nation. For He has taken from what has been the very heart and soul of this nation, that which has become the subject of idol worship and has raised up from it those to be His forerunners of the spirit, not of the flesh, to proclaim His truth, Justice and Righteousness. These prophetic voices run to finish the heavenly call, the heavenly race and will accelerate the things God as already prepared in heaven to be planted on earth in this nation of Australia.

There is coming forth in this hour a new breed of prophetic warriors who see in the realm of the spirit, who create new pathways in the spirit, who take what is in the present in the heavenly realm, that which is planted in the heavens to lay again the foundations of the earth. My word in their mouth will accelerate the prophetic timetable and bring forth new things, now yet seen, calling those things that are not as though they are.

Stand aside and see My sovereign power move even in this nation and know that even though darkness shall arise and there be persecution and suffering for My Name’s sake and a famine of My word, yet so shall I return swiftly and my Glory shall be see upon you says the Lord.

For this is the hour, this is the time for my Word to bring ever increasing Glory and by it My Righteousness will exalt above all and Kings will come, those in position of power, will bow their knee and come to the brightness of my Glory.

There is coming forth upon the earth a forerunner people of power, who will prepare and make the way for a feet generation, as numerous as the stars in the sky. Their guiding star is the Morning Star which has already risen in their hearts.

To these ones is given an anointing to birth nations and tribes. These are they which carry a spiritual stature and understand the dimensions of the spirit, which will cause them to live in a higher realm and to live as one with authority and ‘power of the age to come’, which now is – has come.

This is the day of His Power, the Day of His Glory.

A corporate Man is arising – in the spirit of Abraham, a spirit of the patriarch of old, which births nations and in the spirit of Gideon to pursue and overcome whatever the costs and in the spirit of Samuel to prevail and to govern over the nation and territories.

This is the day of His Power of what was spoken of “in the power of the age to come”.

For these, the sin age has come to an end and the age of righteousness has began.

See the signs in the heavens as they are revealed now on earth – There will be an unveiling of all for I will reveal Myself to this nation once again says the Lord.

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