Daryl Crawford-Marshall | 18 April 2019

Whilst in prayer this morning, I felt the words ‘A BRAND-NEW PATH’ spoken strongly into my spirit. As I continued to meditate on this phrase, I began to feel clearly that this was a word that God was releasing to a number of people at this time. I knew He was re-aligning those who had continued beyond their ordained time in particular situations by closing doors to bring forth a NEW SEASON in their life. As believers, we can often misinterpret a transition or change of season from God as a demonic assault causing delay, lack of breakthrough or seemingly no favour when, in actuality, these can also be signs of God transitioning us onto a ‘BRAND-NEW PATH’ for a ‘BRAND-NEW ADVENTURE’. I believe that a number of people are being strategically aligned onto these ‘BRAND-NEW PATHS’ for BRAND-NEW MANDATES in God. I believe too that in order to embrace the fullness of the NEW PATH, we must allow God access to every part of our world in order that he might help lead us into the NEW DIRECTION He has for us. Lastly, I saw a vision of a pair of shoes in a shoe box and felt the Lord say that a sign for some will be that they will start to feel like they cannot wear their old shoes anymore. Instead, they will feel like they need to buy a new pair. This is because the old shoes walked and have memory of the OLD PATH, but the new shoes will walk the BRAND-NEW PATH being released at this time.