Daryl Crawford-Marshall | 18 December 2018


Daryl Crawford-Marshall here, coming to you from Field of Dreams in Adelaide, Australia. I felt like I wanted to release something for 2019, both in video and in written form as well. There are just two things that I felt specifically we need to catch as we move into 2019. 

The first one is that I believe that the Lord is saying right now just two weeks before the beginning of the new year that we need to let go of the things of the past. Now I felt like Him say, to me ‘Daryl I want you to read Isaiah 43 verse 18 and Isaiah 43 verse 19 and I want you to see this as the crossing over from 2018 into 2019.’ So I went to Isaiah 43 verse 18, a scripture that I know very well already, and it says this: ‘forget the former things, do not dwell on the past nor ponder the things of old’. So I felt the Lord say, this was last week, that I want my people right now, just a few weeks before the new year – the transition into 2019 in the Gregorian calendar, I want my people to let go of the things of the past. Anything that they’re pondering in their hearts that’s connected to the things of old or connected basically in a negative sense to  things that have happened, I want them to let go of that in order that they can embrace the new thing that I’m doing in 2019.

You know in Isaiah 43 verse 19 it says: ‘Behold, I do a new thing, that springs up all around, will you not know it?’ The word ‘know’ there is the word ‘yada’ in Hebrew which means ‘have an intimate knowledge of it’. So God is saying literally now, two weeks before the end of the year, ‘will you let go of the past, will you not dwell on the past, but will you instead clear your heart so that I can give you an intimate knowledge of the new thing that I want to release to you in 2019.’ And I’m really excited about that.

You know I really feel that God is going to wow us next year with His extreme favour. Now I call it extreme favour, for Him it’s His divine favour, but I really believe, as I was praying into this, I had never seen anything like this before. I saw levels of favour being released over people in the body of Christ like I had never seen. I saw people being ushered into or onto platforms of influence like never before. Literally they were put into places of influence of establishment that enabled them to release His Kingdom purposes literally across the earth. I saw that the seven mountains of society, or the seven spheres, were going to have multiple believers established, in 2019 and beyond, on platforms of influence within those mountains to see a Kingdom infiltration of those places to see His Kingdom of light and love released into those spheres.

Now I believe that we are going to experience something of divine favour next year and it’s going to look for some like draft day. I don’t know if you know anything about the NFL, but in one day there is something called the draft day and it’s when people move the younger players into the major league. They move from leagues that are not the NFL into the NFL overnight, as it were, and I felt the Lord say ‘it’s going to be like an updraft from heaven’. Yes, in the wind the eagles come up and they see with a different heavenly perspective, but I felt too it was going to be like a draft day, that people are going to be moved up into major leagues of influence overnight.

I really started to have quickened to me the scripture in Psalm 18 where David says ‘You stooped down to make me great’ and I felt like that was going to be a key scripture for many people as they started to experience the divine favour of God in 2019. Now the Lord also spoke to me about the necessity that when divine favour manifests that we must take the doors of opportunity. I was taken into a vision where I was in my car and I was sitting at a roundabout and there was a lot of traffic around the roundabout and suddenly I saw a window of opportunity in the traffic, a space that I could occupy. But for some reason I decided not to put my foot on the accelerator. And so because I didn’t put my foot on the accelerator, the traffic then moved up in my vision and I felt the Lord say to me ‘why didn’t you take that window?’ And I really felt like that was a word for next year, that there are going to be many doors of opportunity that present themselves, because the manifestation, a lot of the times, of the divine favour of God, are doors of opportunity being presented to the people in the body. Doors of opportunity being presented to you are a sign of divine favour being released. And I feel like we need to take those doors quickly. Now I see that if we don’t take those doors they’ll actually be given to someone else. Not that that’s anything personal, but I believe that next year, 2019, is all going to be about Kingdom business. It’s going to be a year of Kingdom business and it’s the Lords purposes and plans that will prevail and I see that if we don’t say yes that actually He will give someone else the opportunity because He wants to see that mountain or that sphere infiltrated with His Kingdom reality. Infiltrated or invaded with His light and love next year and beyond.

So anyway that’s what I was feeling for next year. I hope it encourages you. So two things: Isaiah 43:18&19 right now letting go of the past to embrace the new thing God is saying to us, and then in conjunction with that, understanding that we are moving into a time of divine favour and that will present itself for many people, I believe it actually started for some people in September last year where there was a divine favour that came unlike anything that they’d ever experienced. And I felt the Lord say ‘that was just the beginning, that divine favour is going to come upon people like never before to usher them into platforms of influence that will literally feel to them like it’s the manifestation of their prophetic promises. It’s literally going to feel like an acceleration of the manifestation of the prophetic promises that have been spoken over us. And you know why? Because that’s what it actually is. It’s going to be a manifestation of those things but it’s going to come in by the ushering of the divine favour.’

You know in Psalm 18 David says ‘You stoop down to make me great’ and I really feel like that’s what He is going to do. God is going to do this year, just like when He said to David ‘I will make your name great like the great men of the earth’, I feel like He is going to be doing that with many people next year as He establishes them onto platforms of influence into the multiple spheres of society in order that His Kingdom purposes and plans can prevail for that particular place or that particular sphere.

And so bless you guys, I hope that encourages you. Get ready, 2019 is going to be an absolute blast. Hold onto your hats because the favour is coming. So exciting, Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new Year. Bless you guys.