Daryl Crawford Marshall | 3 April 2018


We’re walking into a season where we can expect the unexpected, where we start to see the suddenly’s of God, the prophetic promises that God has spoken to us over the years, literally start to manifest in our world. 

And us personally as a family have started to move into a season over the past few months so significantly, starting on Christmas day with the birth of our baby, Ariah Jade, but actually unexpected because we didn’t think she would come then. That started a domino effect where we began to see many of the God given prophetic promises manifest in our world.

I want to encourage you in this. In some of the time over the last few months what started to happen for me personally was as these prophetic promises started to manifest I started to feel a tiny bit overwhelmed. I was like ‘oh my goodness, I really feel stretched in this season God’. And the Lord said ‘Daryl, when I enlarge the place of your tent, what does it look like?’ And I said ‘Is that a trick question Lord? You make it bigger.’ And He said ‘how do you make a tent bigger?’ And I said ‘well you stretch it out’. And He said ‘exactly! In order to make a tent bigger I need to stretch it out.’

Then I started to see that every time God had released one of these suddenly’s into our world, the prophetic promise in itself actually started to un-peg us from our current situation, from our current place of comfort, from our current status and actually enlarge us through the process. And I felt the Lord say that is actually the process many people will be going through in this season. That many people will experience some of the suddenly’s of God and what they’re going to do is stir you and even make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. When some of the things started to come for us, I started to feel a little overwhelmed and I said ‘God can I handle this?’ And I felt the Lord say ‘I am making your world bigger, so trust me in the process’.

So I feel like God is saying ‘yes I’m releasing the suddenly’s, but trust me in the process as these suddenly’s un-peg you from where you are and enlarge you, in order that you can manage a bigger world. My promises will always enlarge you, your capacity, what you’re doing and you will become a bigger person as a result of receiving the next prophetic promise for your world.