Todd Weatherly | 9 March 2018


A prophetic word for this year from the book of Nehemiah – Nehemiah’s wall.

They were in captivity for 70 years and then there was a decree from the king for them to go back and rebuild because the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the gates were burnt with fire. And the Lord said, ‘this year I am giving a quickening grace for people to rebuild. Rebuild their individual lives. Rebuild parts of the Church and see the nation rebuilt. Because the walls are broken down. There are actually too many things coming and going. The enemy has free, unrestrained access to too many areas.’

But this is the exciting part. When we lay a hold of God’s grace, His victory, His decree, what happens is He puts acceleration on our lives. When they went into this, it wasn’t months and months and years and years, it was only 52 days. It was a miracle. When we partner with what we could in the natural, God actually brings His angels, He brings His enablement, He brings His empowerment. It’s not by might, it’s not by power, but by His spirit. And so this year, God is giving us a grace.

They were in Babylon for 70 years, in captivity. And then the decree came. God is saying ‘I have opened the door. It’s an open door. Come out of Babylon and come into your inheritance. Come out of dept, out of the worlds system, out of just getting by, out of your physical bodies situation, out of all these things. Come out of Babylon because the door is open.’

But some people chose to stay in Babylon. They chose not to come. But here’s why we are being called, it’s a decree in the spirit. There’s an extra grace like never before. We’re in kairos – 70 years this year since Israel got Jerusalem back. The Lord is saying there is a grace for us to come out of Babylon and laying a hold of the glorious inheritance that He has for you and I and us. God has an inheritance.