Christina Theodosiadis, one of the next generation prophets in South Australia | 28 February 2018


I had an encounter with the Lord. I was taken to a place high above the earth that was like a floating complex in outer space. The walls/floors were see-through like glass and I could see the universe around me. I noticed I was standing in the middle of a walkway and on each side of me (left/right) were 3 globes of the earth, about the size of basketballs, totalling 6.

The Holy Spirit explained what each globe represented in a particular order, not the conventional way of starting with the first globe in the line and moving along.

***The globes represented Australia and what’s happening right now***

The first globe He spoke to me about was the middle one on the left-hand side. It was called Homosexuality and Gay Marriage. I saw that near the bottom of the globe was a bright light shining and it was the Christians of Australia. He said to me that if His people lift their voices like they did at Jericho, He would cause the following to happen:

(Some of this He revealed to me in instant downloads and I have tried my best to articulate the information into words)

I saw the globe begin to rotate from top to bottom, not the normal axis the earth spins now. He said there will be such drastic change that everyone will be shocked and life as we know it will not be the same. There will be such an upheaval that cannot be denied or ignored.
He also showed me a rainbow that had a tear through the middle and the only colour intact was the last one at the bottom and He said “They will be hanging by a thin thread. Not the majority momentum they claim to have”.

The second globe He showed me was the first one on the right-hand side. He said it was called Injustice to the Farmers.

This globe was in the middle of the right hand side and was called Industry. I saw CBD’s and skyscrapers.

This globe was at the end of the row on the right hand side and was called Education, and the angel standing behind the globe wore the cap usually worn at a University graduation ceremony.

This globe was at the end of the row on the left hand side and it was called Corruption in the Courts.

This globe was the first one on the left hand side and He made it very clear that this globe represented something that has not happened yet, it is yet to come to pass in Australia. This globe was called False Religion. I saw this globe was covered I darkness, so much so that you couldn’t even see the water or land that covered the earth. I saw a pair of cat-like or beasty eyes in the centre of the darkness. He said to me clearly “They will push a false religion on you”.

Once I had received all this information I saw at the end of the walkway was another globe. As I approached that it was covered in a black substance but I noticed a light emanating from beneath the veil of darkness. I realised at a closer look that the black matter was like a powder/dust. So I drew my breath in and blew out over the globe, and the black powder immediately fell away to reveal a clean globe. Then He said to me “It’s all in your breath”.

I understood immediately that that’s all it is! It’s in our prayers, our worship, our decreeing and our prophesying over this nation that will cause the mighty hand of God to come undo all that has been done.

I have seen Babylon cover the globe (AUSTRALIA) and it’s paper thin like a layer of dust! Principalities that can be destroyed and disarmed through the utterance of our breath, filled with power from the name and blood of Jesus!

I believe that this prophetic vision is a call to the body to pray for our nation in each of those areas and ask for God’s purposes to be made manifest. He has the power to overthrow that which has been established in government and rooted in wickedness, He is waiting for His people to rise up and contend for what His original design was for this great southland of the Holy Spirit!

Ephesians 6:10 (NLT) “A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”

Isaiah 60:2 “Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the glory of the LORD rises and appears over you.”

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