Ann Browne | 18 October 2017

I had a vision of a strong tower on a high mountain over Adelaide. I saw written on the tower the Lords Name. It was like an ancient medieval tower on a grassy hill. As I was worshipping Him in the fullness and character of His Name I saw the believers, running into the tower gates on all sides. I was reminded of Proverbs 18:10 AMP “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs to it and is safe and set on high [far above evil].”

Then power like glorious light streamed from above pouring into the top of the tower.

Immediately out of the gates of the tower on the north, south, east and west flew many silver stealth bomber planes. They went forth swiftly targeting and precisely bombing the enemy’s territory – the enemy had no idea where they had come from or even knew where they had gone or what had happened.

The carnage to the enemy was very great. His plans and strategies were annihilated and things He had established for a very long time obliterated. I knew the bombs were the prophetic decrees and declarations of the Rhema Word of the Lord to stop the enemy ruling and occupying South Australia.

After the bombing the ground troops came out of the tower gates to take and establish the land. It was the army of God invading the territory establishing His Kingdom in Adelaide and South Australia.

This is our assignment right now and His strategy!

We have been invited up into the mountain of God and to seek His Kingdom first. We simply say yes.

As we declare decree and sing His Name in faith, power comes from on High. We can take hold of His Name (character and power) and declare and decree the Rhema Word that Holy Spirit quickens to our spirit. The power of that Word causes our enemy to be defeated.

His people are safe in Him in the Secret Place of the Most High (Psalm 91).

It is our privilege as sons to hear His counsel – we have His Word to drop like nuclear bombs into the camp of the enemy. We are sent out like stealth bombers to fulfil the missions the King sends us on. B2 Stealth bombers have only two people onboard – representing the power of agreement and a principle Jesus put in place with His disciples sending them out in twos – when they returned Jesus said I saw Satan fall like lightening.

Stealth means -1.secret, clandestine [needing to be concealed], to avoid being noticed.2.a furtive departure or entrance [done in a way to escape notice].