Ps Cathryn Crosby-Wright | 13 June 2016

Cities are being prepared across this nation of Australia, this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit – this land of the free, this land of abundance, this land of plenty.

I will visit this land one more time says the Lord of Heaven and the Lord of the earth.

The earth is mine says the Lord and the fulness of it. I am jealous over my people. I have established your boundaries and your borders saith the Lord and have given the keys to your destiny, the keys to your cities and the keys to the fulfilment of all that I have promised to you says the Lord.

Harken unto my voice and lend your ear to my Word says the Lord God Almighty who reigns forever more.

I have called for winds of my spirit to come across the nations of the world for I am bringing my people back to me. They are coming out of the caves they are coming out – walls have been broken down that have kept them captive and they are coming out and they will be volunteers in this the day of my power says the lord.

There is coming forth a strategic people, an army has being formed and coming forth like David’s army from the caves at their appointed time

As the spirit of understanding was removed when the men built their tower – of Babel, so it was that they were then thrown into confusion for their understanding was removed.

Now man has sought his own way and the spirit of understanding has been removed and confusion and chaos has arisen for a time and a season and the church for a time has lost its voice but now the winds of change, winds of adversity, sweeping across the nations challenge the leader of nations and my church to hear my voice, to harken unto the prophetic word from heaven for my voice will be heard from My Mountain across the lands.

There is a roar from Zion – the trumpet has sounded. The enemy is at the gate

To my people has been given the governing grace to rule and to have dominion in every domain, to influence every generation to impact every nation. This is your time, this your destiny, this is your hour- let it be said you served your generation as David served his generation. There must be an awakening at this hour-a rising of mature sons to take the nation across

All creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of god – Christ to be seen in my people – Christ to be manifested in the flesh.

It is a time for self-life to come to an end for the hope that you carry must be manifested.

You are carriers of my grace and my Word and my Word in you that you have received must be manifest in this earthly realm.

The Word from heaven must find an access point in your life to bring its creative force into being – the Word from above must be earthed through you.

Winds that are coming across this land –

There are winds of adversity that are coming yet there are those like the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, whose chiefs were two hundred and all their kinsmen were at their command.

There will be a raising up those who can charter the course for the future.

Though there be a force in the gale and heat in the fire of the battle, know you will prevail and know that the victory is mine for you will have the grace to govern in the midst of every contrary wind and every circumstance.

The winds of acceleration will cause a great move of my people and bring a mighty shift into my church and it will move again into supernatural dimensions where the unusual will become the usual. There will arise men and women of faith who will say ‘give me this mountain’ – those who are not deterred by the circumstances surrounding them or the power of the enemy but they will advance in unity and corporate grace- pioneers who will create new pathways in the spirit and have boldness- men and women of fire zeal and passion

God will give to them his strategies for this new day new era in Australia- they will inspire hope, for they will see the future.

The Holy Spirit will ignite fires again in the hearts of people with this passionate unstoppable zeal and faith will arise and I will cause the church in this land to awake out of its slumber and begin to arise in the power of my holy spirit.

There will be a great manifestation of my presence and my power which will push down and push through any limitation so that my spirit may be carried with great power and bring great influence into all the mountains and domains.

There is a wind of restoration a place where the prophetic word from heaven will be sought and prophecies fulfilled because my people will honour me and give me all the glory.

There will arise at this time reformers and restorers, builders, pioneers in the spirit and new pathways will open and they will operate under an open heaven as they have put an end to the flesh. These will catch the prophetic word and run like the wind.

This is the Kairos time – My time – the time in eternity when you will come into your destiny. I have waited this time for things to be ready, positioned, in place to receive from heaven for strategic men and women to arise to find their place.

For I prepared this time and I have already gone before and a place has been prepared for you, nation of Australia.

The seas that surrounds you too shall I bring to my own, as my wind stirs up the sea of humanity and my spirit hovers over the isles.

There will be a purifying of my seed in this nation of Australia. See and take heed nations and know that my grace for a time has been upon you Oh nation of Australia

I have gone before you and I have raised up in my power and for my glory and for the honour of my name those who will bring about my purpose in the spirit of unity.

The church will awaken at this hour at this time in destiny for the final confrontation is near.

No longer will one say I will do this and I will do that, but it will be that the Spirit of the lord has moved and that the spirit of the lord has spoken.

The days of idolatry of man and the plans of man will come to an end says the Lord as I am building My house. This is not your house, but this is My house says the Lord who speaks from everlasting to everlasting.

I have been jealous for My name’s sake says the lord of Hosts and now I am stirring up the winds across the nations to bring about my purpose and my plan established from the foundation of the world.

The heavens have been opened and the spiritual dimension has found entrance into the physical world. My word became flesh and dwelt among them so the word in you must become flesh, it must become your source, it must be come entwined with you, and it must be your food and your strength. The word must envelope and over-ride all the confusion of man all reasonings and ways of man that seem right in his own eyes.

My church lost it voice -men have groped as blind men and there has been no clarity of vision or thought, but I have reserved, positioned, aligned, purified, and prepared those who will do my bidding says the lord, so I have chose those who will be instruments in my hand for the preparation of my people at this hour. Strategic men -strategic women

These are they that have been refined in the fire of affliction, these are they that have been hidden in the caves, these are those called by My name like David’s mighty men, so these will go forth in my power and in my authority.

The spirit of Jeru will come upon them and they will throw down destroy and dismantle the enemy’s plans. And the spirit of Elijah will lead them into the ways of god.

Know that the cry of the prayers of the saints for this Nation and this City of Adelaide have come before and I have brought forth my weapons of war for this final hour says the lord.

In the days of my power there will be a rising up the new generation will arise. They will cross over –

The reformers are rising- a new breed of city takers has arisen. Nehemiahs, Esthers, Josephs, Daniels, will arise and shoot forth as arrows in the master’s hand. – arrows of destiny.

There will be a coming together the joining of one stick for corporate anointing and grace for corporate destiny – there will be a connecting of the Fathers to the Sons and the Sons to the Fathers and this reconnection will be for destiny and legacy transfer.

This is a time to receive fresh impartation- this is time to reconnect. Reconnect to the Word, to true doctrine, to original patterns, to your Heavenly Father to His Word and His Truth.

The enemy is at the gates; that one that sought to change the laws in every nation has been declared illegal and his laws are obsolete before they have never been ratified. For they are not my laws says the Lord- an expiry date has already been put upon the enemy.

For thus saith the lord I am raising up a new breed who will hear my voice and declare what has already been decreed for this is the Kingdom mandate; raise up the banner at this hour – prepare for battle.

There is no other decree other than what I have decreed in heaven says the Lord- there is no other law than my established Word says the Lord.

And this day I am equipping warriors of righteousness – I have place my mantle upon them and they will rise under the command of the leader of the Heavenly Hosts the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

They will stand in rank as one who know his authority is from me says the Lord:

They will move in unity, in one accord ,neither looking to the left nor to the right – they are set on course, they are set on destiny – they know that for such a time as this they have risen – they are strategic men and women who know the kiros times of the lord – they will raise up a people movement across the cities like no other that this country has known – its ripples will cross the oceans and peoples of other lands will stand shamed before the glory and the honour for those that have kept my Word and my ways, my covenant and not shared my glory with another.

The frequency of my Word has gone forth and all those who connect with this frequency will hear the sound emanating from it and respond to the sound from heaven and thy will be volunteers in the day of my power says the Lord.

Australia you have been in a time of grace – it is time for the church to arise out of its slumber. Know that I am the sovereign God over the nations.

Fear will not deter you Australia for your spirit was birthed from above, a spirit of boldness and strength which knows fairness from injustice – you will stand fast as the works of the enemy will be exposed, and all the enemies’ lines of communication are being demolished and the enemies power bases are being systematically dismantled.

Now is the time of assignment – now is the time for the church to become my home my dwelling place

A place where my righteous sceptre will go forth from Zion.

This is a time for corporate unity, so receive a corporate anointing;

Run the race, pass on the baton to the generations behind- leave the legacy for the future generations;

Be the voice- be the answer.

Be Christ for them – be the lamb – just be! be the rock – be the fortress – be the high tower – be Christ to a Christless world-

Prepare now for there will come a time after when there will be adversity and a famine in the land of my Word says the lord.

Those that stay strong, those that not only love me but do my bidding, they are those that are my true sons and true daughters, so take your place-

Know that I have gone before you city of Adelaide- I have prepared my people and the heavens are open over this City for God is already moving in this City and the messenger has gone before ahead saying ‘prepare ye the way’.

There has been a rising into maturity in this City as the church has found its place in the market place and the spiritual structures, infrastructures formed by my Word and by my Spirit are being put in place, yet there is more to be done.

And now an inspired people movement is gaining ground, the voice of God is beginning to be heard in the land – a new generation is rising –

God is already moving in the city
He is moving in the nation

Know that Adelaide has a special place in my heart says the Lord. Known as a Holy City – a City that sought after me- I will restore the ancient pathways and lay again the ancient foundations and this City will become a beacon to the nation and the nations.

As a lighthouse set on a cliff is seen in the darkest stormiest night so Adelaide will be seen as a City of hope, a city of refuge, a city birthed from above – united by His presence and His power and His spirit

Adelaide arise shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee, for behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people; but the Lord will arise upon thee, and His Glory shall be seen upon thee and the gentiles shall come to the light.

There is arising a people movement across this nation as the word goes forth. Not only is the enemy at the gate but the city will soon be at the door! Is the church ready? So, know your God has been preparing and has gone before you with a shout

There has been an aligning of people of destiny- the intercessors have aligned with the apostolic and the apostolic with the prophetic and the City is ready
There is an emerging new generation like never; there is an emerging Church unusual like before.

There is a restoring of godly structures in the house and in the City – God is about to anoint and appoint his City Eldership at this hour. For this will be one nation under God, this will be a one-man company formed by the Lord, a collective, corporate force for advancement of the Kingdom in true unity of the spirit and a corporate grace will manifest upon you says the Lord.

Once again, all the earthly patterns will align again with the heavenly patterns says the Lord. There is a heavenly template, a heavenly Jerusalem, a holy nation, a called-out people, an ecclesia, spiritual governing body which polices heavenlies and establishes my decrees says the lord.

It is my righteous sceptre that goes forth from Zion
It is my government that is upon His shoulders

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